This adaptation of the Wizard of Oz narrates Dorothy’s encounter with Tin-man, Scarecrow and Lion as she endeavours to find her way home. The energy packed production uses comedy, clowning, music and the pop-up set not only to entertain the children, but also to stimulate them to engage with the English language outside of the formal context of the classroom.


As the characters of the story journey to Oz, children are encouraged to put into practice the listening and speaking skills they have acquired in their classes at schools.

The continual interaction between the children and the actors makes for a dynamic and enjoyable, one-hour show.






King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the sword Excalibur, dragons, challenging knights, the fairy Morgana and Merlin the magician, are all part of the new production presented by the The Teaching Talking Theatre.


Encounter the sights and sounds of the ancient and legendary realm of the Knights of the Round Table in a new, entertaining and exciting adventure with the English language.


As in the previous production of The Wizard of Oz Fabrizio Bonora and Claudia Helen Calvi have devised an interactive performance rich in laughs and fun while still ensuring that the English syllabus in schools is reinforced in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

The combination will guarantee an unforgettable experience for all.


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