Workshop dedicated to:

All those who have an idea that’s buzzing in their brain, but cannot finding to it a name

All those who –being on stage- suddenly have felt themselves in underwear

All those who watch themselves in the mirror only when they have a red little ball on the nose

And to all those who are tired of wondering who the fuck are they preferred to try to be someone else, and while not yet knowing who the fuck are, they are feeling themselves very much happier



    •  Costume?    OK, correct.
    •  Red nose?   OK, correct.
    •  Physical condition?   OK, correct.
    •  Innate sillyness? OK, correct. 7th level
    •  Undergrumbling snooze? OK, correct.
    •  Beatlable sdreamer? OK, correct.

            …and now?

Now it’s missing all the Before. Ideas are vanished, anxiety is growing, but we’re on stage, it must move itself, without being more able to play.
It’s possible doing the easier, some joke, some sneer, but it miss EVERYTHING.
We have costume,  nose, we’ve good health; we worked many times among people, while we were inflating balloons or doing some hocus-pocus.

…and now?

And now ACTION. It must Doing, Talking, Kissing, Laughing, Eating, walking inside a costume but much more inside a character, saying what you’re thinking but saying it as a clown, hugging like a clown, crying like a clown, sneering, having to pee like a clown, the clown who we dreamed to be, surely not any one.

In this workshop we open the way to the clown who we’re looking for (or which we got lost), so a him/her could be meet with other neoclowns or protoclowns, with them could playing, laughing, bickering, making mistakes, everything with the calibrated exactness of improvisation.





• Costume?    Mah, wait… ah, yes, I have it.
• Red nose?   If I cross my eyes I can see it, but I don’t know if it’s mine.
• Physical condition?   I’m hungry of fried chips…
• Innate sillyness? Oh, listen who’s talking…
• Undergrumbling snooze?  What stuff is it?
• Beatlable sdreamer? Who, I? No, not me, but your breath smelling bad.

 …and now?

    And now we have FUN !!!

Program (so to speak ...)

    We will work both about already existing and “ground zero” characters; the most part of work will be oriented to the characterizing through improvisations

  • Physical features: improvisations and exercises about identity research through the relationships between:
    • Moving: walking, stumbling, fists, kicks and spills
    • Clothes (to all the participants is required to bring and share several garments)
    • Voice (vocal technic)
    • Language (verbal and non-verbal
    • THE LINE, somebody able to make him understandable until to the end of the world
  • Personal features: improvisations about identity research through the relationships between the characters, highlighting
    • Liking
    • Disliking
    • Obsession
    • Targets
  • Style exercises (remembers somebody  about a certain Raymond Queneau?)
  • Solo and by couple improvisations

No cheap psychoanalisis, here we're CLOWNS: bring your costumes, your tools, your music, all your more silly things, and we'll begin with laughing together, going to find something that if there is inside will come out spontaneously.

We'll talk like true idiots and will be silent like true wise people. We'll make things of mental retarded for create the most normal life of the world